Creating a Safe Workplace


Date published:

The Government is cautiously modifying lockdown measures and has published a Recovery Plan. Its priority remains to protect the public and save lives and it will ensure that any adjustments made are first compatible with five tests.

To support business owners to create safe working environments the following 12 guides have been created to support a range of work settings:

1. Construction and other outdoor work
2. Factories, plants and warehouses
3. Labs and research facilities
4. Offices and contact centres
5. Other people’s homes
6. Restaurants offering takeaway or delivery
7. Shops and branches 
8. Vehicles
9. Schools, colleges and nurseries
10. Safe Travel
11. Risk Assessments
12. Safe cleaning

Update from West Lindsey District Planning Service:

On the 13 May 2020, the government announced that with immediate effect, local planning authorities should take a swift and positive approach to requests from developers and site operators for greater flexibility around construction site working hours. This is to ensure that, where appropriate, planning conditions are not a barrier to allowing developers the flexibility necessary to facilitate the safe operation of construction sites during the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to proceed at pace with work otherwise delayed as a result of COVID-19. To discuss how this may apply to you, please contact the Planning Service on 01427 676676 or email [email protected].