10 Tips for Working from Home

Working from home

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For some, the Bank Holiday Weekend will be a distant memory and the struggle begins to get back in to a normal work routine. But what’s normal about work at the moment? Working from home has become the new normal which has thrown us all out of sync. Whether it’s getting to grips with remote working, home schooling your kids or trying to stay focussed. There are still plenty of people out there that are still going to work including doctors, nurses, health workers, bin men, shop workers, just to name a few and we thank you keeping our vital services running during this time.

But if you are working from home, here are some tips to help you stay focussed and achieve your goals.

1. Have a dedicated workspace

If you have an office this is great, but for some your probably limited to the kitchen table or the spare room. It doesn’t matter where in the house this is, make it your space and try to stick to it so it becomes part of your working routine.

2. Get dressed! 

It sounds tempting to sit around all day in your PJs but it won’t do well for your productivity. We’re not saying put on a full suit and tie but it will help you feel fresh as you start the working day.

3. Stick to your work hours

This could be a challenge if you have children or other people live in your household but try and stick to a specific start and finish time. If you dip in and out for work your concentration and productivity will drop. It also makes it difficult to switch off from work. Schedule in time with your kids and don’t forget to take regular breaks from your screen!

4. Create a habit that marks the start and end to your working day

This will help you stick to your hours and more importantly, switch off in the evening. This could be something simple like making a cup of tea before you start each morning or shutting down your laptop and tidying your work space at the end of the day. Whatever works for you.

5. Set your work schedule the day before

It might sound daft but it will help you start the day fresh with a set of activities already planned in. It will also save you time in the morning trying to decide on what to do first. Be decisive and stick to it!

6. Set rules with your household

If you have other people in your household, let them know your working from home set up. Tell them the hours your working and what you can and can’t do while your working. For example, if you have an important phone call, make sure you go in to another room and close the door and ask them not to disturb you.

7. Take breaks

When you’re in the office you don’t realise how much you move around. Whether you’re going to the printer, making a cup of tea or even just walking over to your colleagues desk to ask a question – you need to make sure you get up and move around as sitting at your desk all day will not do you any good in the long run. It will also give you a chance to refresh if you’ve been working on something complex.

8. Background noise 

You can’t escape background noise in the office and this often helps you to concentrate. Sitting in silence can be lonely so turn on the radio or have the television on in the background. If you have other people in your house they may well create the background noise for you!

9. Don’t waste your commuting time

If you’ve managed to stick to your work hours then you’ll the opportunity to make the most of the time you would normally spend commuting. Don’t waste this time and do something that is for you. Maybe catch up on your favourite box set, call a family member or do a quick work out. It will also help shut off from the working day.

10. Stay connected

It can become isolating working from home so make sure you keep in touch with your colleagues. Schedule in video calls with each other or keep in touch through instant messaging. However you do it, make sure you keep it frequent. Your mental health is important and checking in with each other just to have a chat can make a difference to someone else’s day.