Levelling Up

Our ‘Thriving Gainsborough 2024’ project, has been co-produced with our communities, politicians, local businesses and third party investors. It builds on the momentum created by previous interventions and implements further visibly impactful and transformational change. Our intention is to directly address the most pressing systemic challenges and market failures that continue to hold the town and our communities back, while ensuring that the town plays an active role in reducing carbon emissions.

Through a series of aligned interventions ‘Thriving Gainsborough 2024’ will establish the physical, economic, social and environmental conditions required to address economic decline and the acute deprivation experienced across several wards.

View the pages below for more details on each of the interventions.

Please note that the land down the side of Lidl will no longer be accessible from Heaton Street due to the movement of the hoarding boundary so required construction works can take place.

To access the Market Place on foot you will be required to use Curtis Walk or Market Arcade for the duration of the development.

Aerial view of Gainsborough with LUF intervention locations.
Aerial view of Gainsborough with LUF intervention locations.