An update on Invest Gainsborough’s Levelling Up Programme

A birds eye photograph of Gainsborough

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Our Director of Planning, Regeneration and Communities, Sally Grindrod-Smith, and Townscape Heritage Projects Officer, Jonathan Lee, have worked with us on a video highlighting the ‘Thriving Gainsborough 2024’ Levelling Up project.

The programme aims to address the most pressing market failures and systemic challenges that continue to hold the community and town back.

In the video, Sally Grindrod-Smith said:

“We want to see like-minded investors, operators, people that can see there is a huge potential in Gainsborough to come and have a presence in the town, to run their businesses and invest alongside us.”

As previously reported, the project highlights Gainsborough as a growth area that seeks to increase the population and support the local economy.

Jonathan Lee said:

“The Townscape Heritage Scheme is a scheme which is focused on Gainsborough to try and improve the fabric of the historic buildings. The scheme seeks to address the under investment owners have made for a variety of reasons over many years to the historic buildings.”

If you’ve not it already, here is an update on all our levelling up projects from the 4-screen cinema to Whitton Gardens.