Have you seen the new exciting monoliths and finger posts around the town?

New sign family installed in Gainsborough.

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West Lindsey District are delighted to announce that new signage, designed to enhance the town’s visitor experience, has officially been implemented this month.
Gainsborough’s wayfinding strategy was created to aid visitors in navigating around the town and connecting its historic centre with notable attractions and other places to visit. This work is part of our Visitor Economy Strategy and Action Plan, which aims to add value and stimulate the growth and development of the district’s visitor economy.
Stylish new monoliths and finger posts have been installed in strategic locations that will help visitors get around with ease. The six new monoliths each include an easy to use map highlighting different parts of the town. Each monolith also features a historical story linked to Gainsborough’s fascinating past.
Further signage is to be installed next year and completed by 2024 to depict our Thriving Gainsborough programme. This is to highlight the new destinations such as the cinema and the parks. For more information visit the Wayfinding page here.