How two best friends met and delivered a successful business in Gainsborough

Photo of Ellie Dargan and Ella Wilson

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Celebrating their two-year anniversary, two best friends have come on leaps and bounds since opening their shop front.

Prestige is a beauty salon that is located at 2 Curtis Walk, Gainsborough, and is run by Ellie Dargan, 22 and Ella Wilson, 24.

The two best friends have known each other for three years and following the success of the business they have decided to rebrand.

Previously known as ‘The Nail Loft,’ the re-brand of the salon happened following an extension of services they wanted to give to the local people of Gainsborough.

Ellie said: “We got the keys in March 2021 and spent a month doing it up ready to open up in April 2021! We were both scared as it was a big commitment but it’s the best decision we’ve ever made.”

They revealed that the new name of the salon followed on their favourite gel nail colour they use and because “there are two E’s in Prestige which makes it more personal as we’re Ellie and Ella.”

Ellie and Ella first met back in 2020 while working at different salons delivering different services and are now inseparable.

“We now have a salon which we’re very lucky to call our own. We couldn’t be luckier with the relationship we have with each other. We balance each other out really well,” they said.

The girls highlighted that “working together just happened” to which they fell into and that they never had a set goal of forming a business together.

Outside of the business, they spend their days off together, go out with their partners and enjoy time with each other’s family.

Ella said: “When we aren’t together, we’re constantly speaking. From 6:30am when our alarms go off to when we go to sleep. People would probably think that’s suffocating but it just works!”

Reflecting on the success of the business and the long-term plan, Ellie and Ella’s goal is to continue their path of success.

“The long-term plan is to keep our business and to promote healthy nail and foot care! We love the salon we’re in and love it just being the two of us, so we have no plan to expand in people!

“One day we would also love to get into training as we think we have the best job in the world, and we would love others to feel like that.”

Further information on Prestige by Ellie and Ella can be found here.