Greater Lincolnshire Food Sector Workforce Re-Deployment Scheme


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The Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership is working with central government and industry partners to assess the potential to establish a Food Sector Workforce Re-Deployment scheme to address the Covid-19 crisis and national food security.

Development of the scheme is underway to redeploy staff whose jobs are at risk to other employers who are struggling to meet demand. They are gathering intelligence to be able to move quickly once the details are announced.

If you a food sector business please provide input on the following questions:-

Labour Shortage – Supply Needed

  1. In which areas do you anticipate critical vacancies over the next 3-4 weeks?
  2. How long do you anticipate you will need additional staff for?
  3. Which skills do you need to recruit?
  4. How many additional staff do you potentially need?
  5. Do you have any recruitment/ solutions in place to address this?

Labour Excess – Supply Availability

  1. How long do you estimate your business will be inoperable or have spare staff capacity?
  2. How many surplus or ‘furloughed’* staff do you / are you likely to have for redeployment?
  3. What skills do these staff offer?
  4. Do you have equipment/ technology/ or transport which could be redeployed? (Specify)


  1. Specify any support which would make a redeployment scheme more or less attractive to you.


* those designated as otherwise laid off due to Covid19 business closures or reduction in activity but eligible for government Staff Retention scheme paying 80% of employee salary whilst not required in core employment.

For more information or to send your answers, please contact Kate Storey on 07919 166461 or email [email protected].

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